Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Godawari: Botanical garden Nepal

On the occasion of Nepali new year 2067, I went to Botanical garden, Godawari, about 15km from Kathmandu city. I was thinking that the site will be very peace and beautiful with lots of trees and many flowers. However, there were many people than the number of trees and flowers. Though the season was flowering, there were very few flowers. Many people were having picnic (it is not allowed to cook inside but you are free to eat the bought food). I don't understand why the authority allowed to sell alcoholic drinks and food inside the park. Because of the sale, the park was dirty and having trash everywhere. You could see the the condition of the park through these pictures. The last picture still tells that the area is less polluted (lichens on the tree). Lichens are consider as indicators of air pollution and their number is high in unpolluted or less polluted areas.

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