Saturday, January 5, 2013

Roaming in Nepal

Radish pile: while roaming around Kathmandu, I saw this pile of radish with two young boys waiting for the buyers. The vegetables in Kathmandu mainly comes from the near by areas of the city. However, most of the radish comes from Kakani, a place on the way to Trishuli from Kathmandu.  
Black and white spotted butterfly: While  roaming around Churia, upper Terai region near Bhairahawa, I could take very close up snap of this butterfly with my mobile camera. Nepal is known for more than 7 hundred species of butterfly. The presence of  such species also indicate natural environment or less pollution in the region.
The mustard field: While roaming around Chitwan, I could snap a large area of yellow mustard flowered fields. Chitwan was once the fertile ground for mustard cultivation but later due to wild variety of mustard, the production decreased.
 Steep slope and rocky terrain: This steep and rocky terrain was seen while roaming near Butwal area. Geologist claim that the rock formation is ongoing process in Nepal and due to the same the hills and mountains are in fragile condition. See the traffic sign indicating sliding of stones or rocks.
 Meandering of river: There are more than six thousands of rivers in Nepal. This picture is of Rapti river in Chitwan National Park. No need to explain further for this scene.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Building Kathmandu

Kathmandu is growing not only on its population but also on infrastructure development. No matter the problems are there like electricity (load shedding), drinking water (supply once in a week for 2-3 hours), traffic jam (reach destination on food than on car for short distance like of 4-5km), pollution... the building buildings are on high speed. This picture is showing the growing building heights in Kathmandu.

Knowledge desk?

This picture is of a desk of one the reputed academic institute in Nepal. Students were busy on their exam writing. However on the observation, I could see this writing on the desk. I am not sure whether this is for cheating or for memorizing the learned information, it is not a good habit. If this is for bad intention, think what 'power tank' we are producing or getting in future.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fungus grown food at departmental store in Norway

I was shopping food and other items in a Rema1000, chain of grocery shop in Norway, I was surprised to see an item on rack with fungus grow. It was their with other items and how can the store not see such item and not remove where people are very much sensitive on food or other issues. I remember the issue of Nepal when 'Real' juice had such production mistake, all medias voiced for it and later even Indian ambassador to Nepal has to 'press down' the press by providing more advertisement  to their media or through taking role artists on advertisement and so on. In Nepal or India, we try to hide the issue but in developed countries, they try to explore the mistake and try not to repeat again. I hope the problem of this fungus grow is with broken packet box, not with production system. The mistake might be due to store boy/girl  who didn't see it while putting on rack. Advice to all whether you are in very good store or in street shop, check the item carefully. Special care should be given to check packet condition and its seal and expiry date.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Fruits are best for health and taste and fruit salad is even better for appetite. If it is of tropical fruits, can you tolerate not eating it?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Housing colony in Kathmandu

This is a picture of one of the housing colony in Kathmandu. Due to not planned housing, road and other infrastructure development, the city looks very haphazard and ugly. However, recent investment on housing has little bit helped to add a beauty of city plus other basic facilities like water, road, sanitation and so on. All colonies under development are focused on high story buildings rather than city environment. Recognize the colony picture below.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lotus for Buddha

There are different traditions of worshiping God. Like in Nepal, people offer flowers, food and fruits. Offering flowers is common in most of the religion and places. In Sri Lanka, especially for Buddha, people offer different color lotus. Some are white, some purple and some red.